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Westfield Family Karate

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Westfield Family Karate has been teaching traditional karate (think Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid) in Westfield for 18 years.

Our specialty is children and families.

We are a family owned karate school and are proud to be part of this community.

Headed by David Olsen (Master Shihan) and a staff of expert instructors and managers. Westfield Family Karate offers a number of programs to benefit your child.

Dear Parents,

We understand how hard it is to raise children these days. And, we know all the worries you have for your kids – bullying from their peers, pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol, and adult images in the media and on the Internet.

Children today have to deal with challenges that are overwhelming. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to shield your children from these ever-present negative influences. But, there is something you can do to help them deal with the many challenges they face.

Many parents have already discovered that karate training is one of the most beneficial activities in which your child can participate. A karate school is a place where a child can learn self-control, respect, and get in shape, all in a safe and fun environment.

By enrolling your child in our karate classes, you’ll be helping them learn how to make positive choices. Plus, you’ll be giving them a safe place where they can develop the confidence to do what is right.

The Life-Changing Positive Benefits
Our Karate Program Provides

Every year, parents like you bring their children to enroll in our children’s karate program. And every year, those children reap the rewards that our properly instructed karate programs provide.

In our karate program, your child will improve their confidence, increase their focus, and develop more self-control. We can say this with confidence because we have personally witnessed the positive effects our programs have provided for children just like your own.

Here a short explanation of how our programs teach these valuable life skills:
  • Confidence - By learning how to protect themselves, your children will develop confidence in their ability to handle life’s challenges. In turn, their improved confidence will give them the courage to say “no” to negative influences.

  • Focus – We will help your child increase their focus by giving them clear goals and showing them how to reach those goals through hard work and being consistent. (Of course, they won’t realize they’re learning focus because our classes are so much fun! But keep that to yourself – it’ll be our little secret…)

  • Self-control – Kids learn self-control in karate by learning how important it is to have respect, both for themselves and for others. Karate training teaches that in order to get respect, you first have to give it. Once your child learns this important lesson, their self-control will naturally increase.
As you can see, our karate programs teach so much more than “just kicks and punches.” We help children develop life-skills that will take them far beyond the four walls of our karate school. Benefits that will last them a lifetime.

Positive Role Models Who Will
Encourage Your Child to Succeed

Kids need strong role models who set a positive example for them to follow. Yet, everyone knows that kids can’t look up to professional athletes anymore – so where can they turn for positive examples to follow?

Our answer to this question is our professional staff of caring instructors. We honestly believe our karate instructors are some of the best role models your child could have.

Experience has shown us that kids respond to our karate teachers in a way that no other coach or instructor can match. Because we realize how much our students look up to us, we work hard to set a positive example for them by living the karate principles of honesty, integrity, courage, kindness, and self-control.

As you know, children are hard-wired to seek attention and approval. So, when kids see positive behaviors demonstrated by our instructors, they are strongly driven to display those same behaviors in their own actions.

But, it doesn’t stop there – our karate classes come with a “built-in” reward system that will encourage your child to act as they should. This “built-in” reward system is our belt-rank progression program. Children in our programs know they are expected to behave at home and at school in order to progress to their next belt rank.

This “one-two punch” of providing inspiring role models and giving your child positive feedback works amazingly well to help children improve their behavior. To date, we know of no other extracurricular activity that provides kids with such incredible incentives for displaying good behavior.

And, it works. Just visit our school and ask some of the parents who have had their children enrolled in our programs.

When you do, you’ll hear story after story of how our programs have helped their children improve their behavior and achieve greater success. Parents share these stories with us all the time, and frankly we’re quite proud to have had a small part in improving each child’s life.

As you can see, the evidence is conclusive - karate training works! There is no other activity that has been proven to bring such a great improvement in the well being of children. Now, just imagine what a difference our karate program will make in your own child’s life…

To get started now, simply call me at 896-3530. I would be glad to give you more information and provide you with directions to our school.

Please note that we only have a limited number of time slots available to accept new students each week, so be sure to reserve your spot today for your child’s beginner class. We look forward to meeting you and helping your child succeed!

Best regards,

David Olsen, Shihan Sensei
6th Degree Masters Ranking in Okinawan Karate
Westfield Family Karate
Westfield, Indiana